Strength training for LE

Although I train off-duty cops, they don't have athletic or physique goals different from the general population. They usually ask for the same thing everybody else asks for: "I need to lose this gut."

"I want to be one big badass motherF*****."

"I want to be stronger."

Cops are human just like everyone else, so they have the same vanities. When it comes down to it, most would rather look good than perform athletically. And yes, depending on your assignment or whatever call you get, it is an athletic event.

For LE strength training (and we're talking solely strength, not cardio), I usually recommend the following exercises. Remember, this is not a complete program for LE strength and conditioning. This is just what I include in such programs:

1) all variations of Pull-ups for upper body strength relevant to LE

2) all variations of Deadlifts - You'd be surprised how often cops have to pick up a person laying on the ground. Usually it's some protester who wants to lay limp and do the "passive resister" strategy, but it could also be a drunk, an arrestee or a really heavy person that the EMT's need help putting on the gurney.

3) thick bar training (dumbbells, barbells or kettlebells) for grip strength, which is important when subduing resistive suspects

4) just plain old heavy free weights on most exercises and multiple sets of it

There's more to it than that, but those are the things I include to improve an officer's strength applicable to the job.

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