70 year old deadlifts 420

So the very first purchaser of my book is Bob Vastine.  Bob is (get this) a 70 YEAR OLD powerlifter whose max deadlift is 420. What's more is he's been training for the deadlift for only 5 months. Truly impressive at any age.

Take a look at his YouTube videos:

As you can see, Bob looks 20-30 years younger than he really is. Great job, Bob! I hope to be you someday. Bob had some nice words to say about me as well:

"I am enormously impressed with this guy: he is a very literate San Francisco cop who provides personal training/coaching. His blog is awesome. It’s got short, useful, serious articles on a lot of subjects. You’ll love it cause he researches bodybuilding programs/techniques devised by past masters (like Larry Scott). Take a look, I think he ought to be better known. His stuff is carried on Mind and Muscle website."
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