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Shock Techniques for the Chest

"I read your article Wingspan Workouts at, and I’m going to do them tomorrow for the first time. I’m curious what the effect will be on my back. But more curious I am if you have such 'Shock Techniques' for the chest, because this is the place where I need mass the most! I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks."

Kindest regards,
Aschwin van Diermen
The Netherlands (Europe)

My Answer: Aschwin, do Europeans usually put "Europe" after their country of residence? I only ask that, because it's the second time I've seen this. Anyway, to answer your question of what effect the workouts will have on your back:


These workouts will widen your lats and give you the V-taper. These workouts are tough, but if you stick with them, then you will develop some major width in your physique. These workouts are not meant for back thickness, however. One word of advice: each is a separate workout. Do n…

Fat Loss and the Academy

Q:I was wondering if you can give me a few tips on fat loss. I am 28 years old and I want to become an Santa Clara County sheriff. I am 6 foot 2 inches and 310. Yes 310. I have a long way to go. I have a lot of strength, but I need to get lighter. Hitting the weights heavy has never been hard for me. Getting my 310 lbs over the wall in the academy and running: that's the challenge. Any tips would help!


My Answer: Well, Matt, you need to take a long and hard look at what you're doing on a daily basis to keep you at 310. My recent article Return to Copland was meant for cops and their concerns for job relevant strength and looks. YOU on the other hand need to lose the weight and then focus on your performance in the academy. I submitted an article recently to on strength training for fat loss, so look for that in the future.

In the meantime, focus on the 3 usual suspects: diet, strength training and cardio. By the way, did I mention diet? Yes DI…

Reader Response to "Return to Copland" Article

So here's a recent response to my article Return to Cop Land:

"I'm a former law enforcement officer in one of Oregon's largest cities. I agree with almost eveything you said in your article Return to Cop Land. Especially how the academy doesn't prepare us for the true fitness of the streets.

"However, not every cop just wants to look good. After four years I have sought after a strength program that delivers strong and explosive speed and action. I train for only 2 miles runs to increase my time for foot pursuits, and so I don't sound like an out of shape idiot on the radio while doing it.

"Studies show that every cop will get it that one 'fit for your life' fight during his career. I train for that. The winner is who can withstand the longest. My performance on the street increased dramatically after power lifting and strength training vs push ups and so much cardio.

"My workout also consisted of 2 to 3 minute rounds of pad strikin…

MMA or Study in Australia?

Q: "I should just say thanks. You put out good work that's easy to understand and follow. But I do have a dilemma: I've always wanted to join MMA at this local place, and I was planning on doing it this summer. But I'm gonna end up saving to study abroad in Australia in the spring 2009 semester. Other than the hand-to-hand combat, I know the physical benefits of the training are second to none. 

"So do you have any suggestions for MMA style workouts that I can supplement my current workouts with. I'm still interested in the bodybuilding techniques outlined in your book, but I'd also like to be just one hella fit guy. I kind of came to you first so if there's any resources I should look up I'd be more than happy to. Also, can I pre-order your next book? I'm definitely interested."

Thanks a million!
- M.C., Chicago

My Answer: Thanks for the praise. When it comes down to MMA training, you can't substitute actually going to class, le…

Hammer curls: Incline or Standing?

Some more reader comments and questions:

"I've been trying your Shotgun/Troubleshooting routine for a month now with a carb-cycling approach: I gained more than 8 pounds with an increase of only 1% of my bodyfat. Thanks for the awesome program!"

- Mathieu

My Answer: Glad you're getting results off it, Mathieu. The Shotgun Method is a solid mass gainer routine that allows you to address any weak points in your physique as well. Those of you curious about it should buy Strength and Physique, V1 and check it out.

"Hi James,
"Loved the article Arm Training Assault! I've just started in on it. One question: in the main text it reads,

'Friday: A1) Hammer curls (10 sets) 4 reps, 60 seconds rest'

and the hyperlink displays a popup of Standing Hammer Curls. But on the printable log for Friday it reads, 'Incline hammer curls.' I went with the Standing Hammer Curls (mainly because someone was on the incline bench). Out of interest, which should i…

Training the Long Head of the Triceps

Here are a couple of recent reader comments and questions:

"Hi James,
"A quick note of thanks to you for your arm training from your book. I just finished one month of the routine that you outlined for biceps and triceps. The direct heavy work on my bi's and the work for the long head of the tri's really 'plumped' out my upper arm. I really enjoy the comments from others who noticed. I am a 48 year old 'blinded vet' who has been training for 25 years. Decent arms but we always want more, right? Thanks for all the useful info."

D. A.

My Answer: Glad you're liking the results from the program. If people are noticing your big guns, then you've done me proud.

"Hi James!
"I know in your articles, that you like the lying triceps extension to work the long head of the triceps. I read [from your articles] that it is better to have the upper arm angled back towards the top of the head, rather than perpendicular to the torso an…

Vince Gironda's exercises

Those of you who've purchased and read Strength and Physique: The Articles know that I'm a big fan of Vince Gironda. If all roads lead to Rome, then Vince was Rome when it came to the whole spectrum of bodybuilding knowledge: everything from diet, exercises to program design.

But while Vince was the Iron Guru of all aspects of bodybuilding knowledge, what really makes him stand out head and shoulders above everybody else in bodybuilding history are his exercises:

Perfect curls and Body drag curls