MMA or Study in Australia?

Q: "I should just say thanks. You put out good work that's easy to understand and follow. But I do have a dilemma: I've always wanted to join MMA at this local place, and I was planning on doing it this summer. But I'm gonna end up saving to study abroad in Australia in the spring 2009 semester. Other than the hand-to-hand combat, I know the physical benefits of the training are second to none. 

"So do you have any suggestions for MMA style workouts that I can supplement my current workouts with. I'm still interested in the bodybuilding techniques outlined in your book, but I'd also like to be just one hella fit guy. I kind of came to you first so if there's any resources I should look up I'd be more than happy to. Also, can I pre-order your next book? I'm definitely interested."

Thanks a million!
- M.C., Chicago

My Answer: Thanks for the praise. When it comes down to MMA training, you can't substitute actually going to class, learning the techniques and training with a partner.

What I suggest you do is take some classes just to learn some basic techniques and then practice on your own and with a partner here at home and when you're in Australia. That way, you can invest a little money on the skills, but still strength train and go on your study abroad.

In other words, sign up for a short contract just to test the waters. Let me know how it works dude.

P.S. I'll definitely give you a heads up when Strength and Physique: Neo-Classical Bodybuilding hits the market.
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