Reader Response to "Return to Copland" Article

So here's a recent response to my article Return to Cop Land:

"I'm a former law enforcement officer in one of Oregon's largest cities. I agree with almost eveything you said in your article Return to Cop Land. Especially how the academy doesn't prepare us for the true fitness of the streets.

"However, not every cop just wants to look good. After four years I have sought after a strength program that delivers strong and explosive speed and action. I train for only 2 miles runs to increase my time for foot pursuits, and so I don't sound like an out of shape idiot on the radio while doing it.

"Studies show that every cop will get it that one 'fit for your life' fight during his career. I train for that. The winner is who can withstand the longest. My performance on the street increased dramatically after power lifting and strength training vs push ups and so much cardio.

"My workout also consisted of 2 to 3 minute rounds of pad striking for grappling to ensure my lungs and stamina were prepared for the one true fight I would eventually encounter. However, not all cops just want to look good. I have concentrated on my arms, shoulders, and traps for one reason only: command presence.

"I have to look the part. Not because it makes me feel good (although it sure does), but the dirt bags on the street live on the alpha male rules and that includes sizing you up. They also have an expectation of what police should look like. I try to match that also. That alone can keep me out of a fight, but functional fitness will save my life.

"Thanks for listening,"
Eugene, Oregon

My Answer: Sounds like you've done a lot of what I recommend in the article. But I tell you, I've met a lot of cops where their main concerns are losing weight, looking good and/or looking tough. Of course cops want both looks and performance, but when I prioritize training goals to design a program, almost every cop I've consulted or trained with prioritized looks over performance. And when I mean looks, it also means looking tough as nails and strong as an ox on roids, not just looking sharp in a uniform.

Anyway, train smart and stay safe.
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