Eat to Gain on Patrol

"Hello, I read your article for LEO strength training on I'm trying to figure out a workout for myself. I'm a 29 year old police officer in Oklahoma, about 5'9" and 150. So I'm a little guy. I would like to get bigger, look good without a shirt on, and have good stamina, endurance and cardio, to finish the fight. Can you help me out?"

Thank you,
L. Anderson
Muskogee Police Dept.

My Answer: The strength training program at the end of the article was meant to address all of the issues you mentioned. You may, however, want to look at your diet and start:

1) Eating more frequently. I don't know how busy your shift is in Muskogee, but you should already be packing meals, snacks and water. For the whole day during work and off work, you should have eaten 5-6 meals.

2) Eating more calories. If you can't eat more often because of the call volume in your sector, then try to pack in as many calories as you can when you are clear for a meal break. Now is not the time to eat like a bird.

3) Eating more protein. Aside from eating more protein during your lunch or dinner break, protein should also constitute your snacks. Hard-boiled eggs and dairy product such as cottage cheese are great protein sources, but your partner will lament the stink from A) the eggs and B) your farts from eating so much dairy. I usually pack some protein bars, nuts and peanut butter sandwiches as portable snacks for extra calories and protein. Those things should tide you over until breakfast, lunch or dinner, where you would get real protein.

Anyway, good luck.
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