Pre-Academy Training

Q: "I just read your article Return to Copland and had a few questions. I am going into a December 19th sheriff academy, and I am roughly 14 weeks away. I was planning on doing your routine. I wanted to ask you if you had any other tips, training or routine to do maybe after doing this routine for 5 weeks, or repeat it? I will definitely do the running, pull ups, pushups, and deadlifts. 

"My current fitness levels are quite high. Maybe you can recommend some intensity tips or routine that will make the academy (at a physical level) easier? I can do around 15-18 wide grip pull ups, 63 push ups (complete, with good form) in a minute, 300m run in 46 seconds. Do you have any other tips or anything you can help me,or give me advice for me to be more than ready?"

Thank you,
Christian A.

My Answer: I give you everything in the article, and you want MORE? Christian, as far as physical performance in the academy, you're going to be fine. Find out what your academy puts you through physically, and practice the pursuit exercises they will put you through. The SFPD Academy had a few 6 foot walls that we regularly jumped over, so if your academy has walls to jump, then start learning the techniques to jump them if you find them difficult. Ideally you want to jump the wall quickly but not provide much of a target for the suspect to shoot at. Good luck!
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