Off-Topic: Sight Alignment

So last week my department underwent nighttime range qualification. Officers have to qualify with their firearms on a regular basis, and one of the qualifications is to shoot at night with limited visibility.

Funny thing is that I often shoot better at nighttime than at daytime. I wondered for a long while as to why, but now I realize: I'm much more focused at night.

At a night shoot, you use a flashlight to illuminate your target, and that's all you see. No distractions. At daytime, everything is illuminated and there are plenty of things to distract you and invade your field of vision.

Not only that, but the sights on your gun glow in the dark, and since they're more pronounced visually, you can focus on sight alignment better. You can focus better on your technique. In the daytime, the sun can often shine in your face and on the haze of dust and dirt in the air, so it's hard to focus on your sights and your target.

The take-home lesson in all this is that if you have a goal, then to achieve that goal, you need a clearly defined target and few distractions. Once you've set your sights on a goal, focus on perfecting the technique that will hit your target.
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