Cholesterol and Heart Health

"Hi James,

"There varying opinions on the role of cholesterol and heart health. What is your take? You recommend fish oil for heart health; what about krill oil?"


My Answer: Krill oil is fine. With regards to cholesterol, you should read this The Cholesterol Controversy. Here are some interesting points from the article:

• Did you know that the majority of the dry weight of the brain is comprised of cholesterol?
• Did you have any idea that the sheath nerve endings from the top of your head to the bottom of your spine are wrapped in cholesterol?
• Did you know that cholesterol serves as a conductor for the transmission of all nerve ending throughout the body?
• Did you know that if you received even the slightest 1/4 inch cut, you would bleed to death if not for cholesterol?

"Another part of the problem today is that medical doctors are not reading their own medical journals. Go to the public library and look up the medical book 'Tabers 16th edition' page 1909. This states that the true cause of arterial sclerosis and heart attacks is the ingestion of an excess amount of carbohydrates, which go into the liver.

"The carbohydrates that we eat are no good for the liver, including cookies, donuts, pop, pretzels and candy bars. When these types of foods go into the liver, the liver then properly tries to convert them to good cholesterol, as that is its function. The liver converts them to the only thing they can be converted to which are Triglycerides and Diglycerides. These are poison!

"Triglycerides and Diglycerides are an unnatural sticky form of fat that the liver then pushes into the arteries. What happens when they go into the arteries? You get a rise in the bad cholesterol. When you get the bad cholesterol too high you then have a heart attack."
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