Q: "Hi James. I read your Cop Workout and think it's awesome. Do you recommend any supplements to take with this?"

-Jose T.

My Answer: I used to take quite a few supplements back in my earlier days of bodybuilding. I experimented with quite a few. If it worked for me, I'd keep it in my regimen. If it didn't work, then I wouldn't buy it anymore. My supplement regimen nowadays is bare bones and focused more on health. Here's what I take:

1) Surge Recovery Post-Workout Drink
2) Creatine Monohydrate
3) Fish Oil
4) Resveratrol
5) Superfood (freeze dried food extract)

I get my supplements from Biotest, as they make high quality products. Now you may have noticed that I don't take any protein powder. If you're looking to stay trim and muscular, then you should be eating high quality animal proteins instead of drinking your protein.

If you were to bulk up, however, then supplement your diet with some micellar casein. This type of protein stays in your system a lot longer than normal protein and will keep you in an anabolic/anti-catabolic state.
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