The Best Mass Building Program

"Hey James,

"I'm just wondering which program of yours is the best for mass muscle gains. I've been doing your Mass/Muscularity program on, but I was thinking maybe the Shotgun Method would be better. Which would be the best for gains in muscle mass?"


My Answer: They're both good mass building programs, but how you connect the 2 programs will amplify the effects of these programs even more. You're starting off with the Post-Exhaust program and then switching to the Shotgun Method, but it should really be the other way around: 2-3 weeks of the Shotgun Method followed by 3 weeks of the Post-Exhaust program. This sequencing of programs is much better and will take advantage of the "backcycling" strategy found in Strength and Physique Volume 2.

"I'm currently training with Singapore's national squad and am hoping to eventually wear my national colours. However I'm curious, as a weightlifter, how can I move up a weight class? Assuming off-season training is 3X a week, in your opinion can I mix in any hypertrophy work?"


My Answer: Yes, during your off-season you can certainly add hypertrophy work. There are a couple of ways you can do this:

1) You can use my Shotgun Method. For Shotgun Days, practice your compulsory lifts (snatch, clean and jerk) and assistance lifts (front squats, Romanian deadlifts, etc.)

On your Troubleshooting Days, do some hypertrophy work. So during the week, you'll do 2 Olympic weightlifting workouts (one heavy, one light) and 2 bodybuilding workouts.

2) If you can only do 3 workouts a week, then do the Olympic lifts at the beginning of the workouts, and then follow up with hypertrophy work. Just make sure you don't go beyond an hour.
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