Ab Work for Football

Q: "Hi James, how are you doin'? I'm wondering what is the best the core workout for football. I play running back, and I need to develop my core. In my current core workout, I'm just doing some lying leg raises, hanging leg raises, and weighted crunches. Thanks. More power!"

-Ralph T.

My Answer: Hanging leg raises are great, but if you want to up the intensity further and develop abs that can withstand the constant impact of football, then I suggest Dragon Flags:

Of course, if you find it difficult to do, then just do the negative portion. The key is to tighten up your whole entire body: abs, glutes, quads and arms.

Q: "I bought your book. Well, I had my sister buy it for me from amazon and ship it here in the Philippines. I'm currently on my 9th week of the mesocycle and enjoying the workouts so far.

"BTW, can you suggest an alternate shoulder compound set, other than the upright row, lateral raises, swing combo?"


My Answer: Any combination of lateral raises should be fine as a substitute. The key is to target the lateral head of the deltoids with a high number of reps. Try this combo:

Seated lateral raises with a weight you can do 6-8 reps with.  Then switch to lighter dumbbells and perform 10-12 reps

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