Preview of Volume 3: Tactics and Strategies

As always, I've been quite busy as of late, with several different things going on in my life. Not only do I run 2 blogs, write magazine articles and work full-time as a cop (I recently made detective), but I'm also going to be a dad. I'm going to be so busy, that I actually let go of my training clientele in anticipation of all the craziness that's going to happen.

One project that I will be finishing up fairly soon, however, is... yep, you guessed it:


I've written another strength training and bodybuilding book. This one is titled, "SPV3: Tactics and Strategies."

Tactics and Strategies is a bodybuilder's version of a football playbook. I've compiled new training techniques and programs not mentioned in my previous books. Tactics and Strategies contains a plethora of muscle-building routines to choose from:

- Explosiveness, power, strength, size. Want to have it all? You can have it all with the program found in the chapter "The Complete Strength Athlete."

- Learn about the "Evolution of the Set System" and how sets have evolved into a wide variety of training techniques, techniques you can use in the gym to SMASH any training plateaus and achieve new muscle and mass.

- Discover the four "Anabolic Blowtorches," an elite group of exercises that have a profound anabolic effect on your entire musculature.

- "Harness the Power of Partial Reps!" Most trainees haven't a clue on how to go about doing partial reps. This chapter shows you how to fully exploit the various partial rep techniques for greater size and strength.

- Love kettlebells? Kettlebells are incredible tools for mass building, but why is it that so many kettlebell lifters have unimpressive physiques? The final chapter reveals how to incorporate kettlebells into your training and ramp up your muscle gains by ten fold.

Of course, this is just a taste of what's in the book. There's much more to it than what I mentioned. SPV3: Tactics and Strategies will be out soon, so stay tuned.

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