Supplementation for the Academy

"My name is Recruit Ruiz, and this recruit has just began training in the police academy. To give you a brief history, this recruit is a former correctional officer who has decided to make a career change to a police officer. The reason this recruit is emailing you is because this recruit would like to know if you had any recommendations of supplements/vitamins to aid in the muscle growth throughout training. This recruit would greatly appreciate any advice that would be offered and is not asking for a 'get big quick solution.' This recruit is asking for healthy additional fuel for the body."

Recruit Ruiz

My Answer: Recruit Ruiz, it's OK. You're in the real world, and nobody here in the real world refers to him or herself in the 3rd person.

I'm just joking with you Ruiz.

Anyway, to answer your question as far supplements, I'm partial to Biotest supplements for muscle. Protein Factory has some good stuff too, plus they allow you to customize your supplements with whatever ingredients you want. If you're in the academy, then your primary goal is performance (athletically and mentally). Muscle growth is secondary, but the 2 goals are interrelated. Here's what I suggest for both goals:

1) Surge Recovery Post-Workout Drink
2) Micronized Creatine Monohydrate
3) Fish Oil (this will help with recovery and conditioning)
4) Protein supplement consisting of a micellar casein/whey protein combo

This should be the core of your supplement program. If you add more supplements, then make sure it addresses an area where you are lagging, whether it be muscle mass, fat loss, mental clarity and focus, cardiovascular conditioning or recuperation.

Good luck!
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