What to do to Become a Cop?

Q: "Hi, I have a few questions to ask you: I was trying to figure out what to do to become a cop. I am also trying to figure out what kinda workout I need, so I can get in to good shape."

-Freddie R.

My Answer: I have no idea what your background is physically or lifestyle-wise. Obviously, you should have your life in order before you apply as a peace officer. No outstanding debts, no criminal history, no character flaws.

Now with regards to workouts, I have no idea what to tell you, because you haven't provided me with your physical background. Everybody starts from a different baseline, so prescibing a universal workout for cops is not something that I do. Nevertheless, check out my article on Strength Training for Cops and my blog posts on the topic. These will give you some direction where you can start asking more specific questions on how to be a cop.
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