Hello. I just saw your blog, which I found very impressive. Very good articles that help people reach out their goals. I read the Hypertrophy routine, and I noticed you wrote that cycling reps within a week is much better than within 2 weeks. We should do like 15 reps on Monday, 10 reps on Wednesday and 8 reps on Friday.

My question is how do I progressively load? Isn't the mesocycle longer than it would normally be? I would really appreciate some help here. Thanks for the time.

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My Answer: Paulo, I'm not sure what's your question. In the Hypertrophy Training for Ectomorphs program, you pyramid the weight in one workout. I don't recommend periodizing the reps throughout the week in that program.

You can certainly create a program where you do 15 reps on Monday, 10 reps on Wednesday and 8 reps on Friday. Periodization of the repetitions throughout the course of a week is a great way to add variety in your workouts. Plus it maximizes your muscle growth, because you're hitting a variety of muscle fibers.

By the way, a mesocycle lasts several weeks to a few months. A microcycle lasts 1-4 weeks.
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