Wingspan Workouts and Maintenance Mode

I just finished reading your article on widening your back. I was just wondering if you do all four techniques in one workout?

My problem is my chest, arms, and shoulders develop very quickly especially as compared to my back. Recently, I've resorted to just focusing on low weight and high repetitions on my chest, shoulders, and arms and heavy weights and low repetitions for my back. It's been successful to a certain degree as at least my physique is a bit more balanced. However I feel like I need to change things up as my back is no longer reacting to my work out which is why I stumbled on your article about widening the back.

Hope you can clarify my query and if you have any further advice that would be great.



My Answer: Yes each technique is a workout. Hence the title Wingspan WorkoutS. What you can do is rotate through each of the workouts for your back and put all other body parts on maintenance mode: 3 sets of 6-8 reps. This is a much better way of maintaining size and strength on your chest, arms and shoulders as opposed to employing high reps.
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