BB vs PL Bench Press

I have some questions about the Bench Press which were discussed in your book Strength and Physique Volume 1.  To begin with, I want to be a classical bodybuilder with a V-taper:broad shoulders, small waist, and muscle tone.  And I want to put on weight at around 143 pounds. Fat% is near 10%.

Apparently, I should do the Bodybuilding style (BB) Bench Press (BP).  My question is why will I get man- boobs while do the Powerlifting style (PL) Bench Press.  Is this because the upper part muscle of chest will not be well-developed?

I learned the powerlifting Bench Press from the following links:

The first one is much like a Powerlifting style BP.

And the second one is like a combined style (Both BB and PL).

I understand bodybuilders train for muscle size and looks. So the isolation and specific muscle movement is very important.

I came up with an idea:if I do the BP right: Chest (80%) and Arm (20%), then I'll get a big chest.
Yet if I do the BP wrong: Chest (20%) and Arm (80%), then I'll get big arms.
Lastly if I do the BP right: Chest (50%) and Arm (50%), then I'll get nothing because of the lack of stimulation.  Most bodybuilders don't want this.

I know it's not a good example. I find that the PL style is focused on lifting safe, while the BB style is on stimulation.  Many people say that keeping the elbows as far from our torso as possible while lifting would hurt your shoulders.  Is that true?  Because it would put much pressure on the shoulders?

The PL style BP has a checklist of proper body mechanics. Does the BB style have one?

P.S. I don't wanna get man-boobs and get hurt.
Thanks for your help and time.

All the best,

My Answer: The chapter on the bench press clearly describes the form and execution of the bodybuilding style bench press.  There is also an illustration.

You have to decide what you want: a chest that is chiseled like armor or really strong man-boobs. 

If you don't like man-boobs and don't care about strength on the bench press, then don't do the powerlifting version.  Do the bodybuilding style of bench pressing.  If you do the BB-style of bench pressing, then use light weight and progressively work your weight up through warm-ups.  If you have any pain at all in the shoulder joint (not the deltoids, the shoulder joint), then don't do the bodybuilding style bench press.  Do the other exercises listed in the chest chapter.
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