Take A Break from Training During Vacations


I completed the 13 weeks of density and the decompression training. Finishing up the Chest specialization and now wondering what would you suggest instead of specialization training again? I thought of going back to the density training, but do you have any other suggestions?

What stinks is I am going on a ski trip in 7 weeks. The hotel has a decent gym but the only free weights are dumbbells.


My Answer: I say go back to the density phase in Neo-Classical Bodybuilding. Alternate between density and decompression for the next 7 weeks. When you go on your ski trip, just take a week off from training. This will give your muscles and nervous system a much needed break.

When you come back from your trip, your body should be refreshed and ready to tackle the weights. You can either start over with a density phase or do another specialization routine.

Have fun skiing!

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