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Breaking through a plateau on the 10-8-6-15

Q: I have been following your ectomorph program for about three weeks. I'm not getting much size. It seems my strength has made some gains with some definition. 

I have been doing the three minute rest periods and even sometimes five minute. I do the program on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Any suggestions on what I can do?

Bradley S.

My Answer: If you're having problems gaining muscle on the program, then you will need to take a look at your diet and see if you're eating enough. 

More protein and more calories.  If you have problems getting in the extra protein, then supplement with a protein drink every day.

Since you've been on the ectomorph program for a few weeks, you should also switch to the 5x5 program.  Plug in completely different exercises.  Shorten the rest periods to 60-90 seconds.  Use a rep tempo of slow negatives with explosive lifting.

Muscle Tone vs. Fat Loss

Your articles are really informative. I am 30 years old, 150lbs, 6ft. My problem is I have jelly like muscles around my chest and abdomen. Or too much fat. I am doing split workouts with three days of cardio.

In order to reduce fat, how many reps range do I need to perform?

Hope to hear from you soon.


My Answer- Well you have 2 issues: lack of muscle tone and excess fat. To get muscle tone, you have to use heavy weight, low reps. To lose fat, on the other hand, you have to use higher reps with low rest periods. So you have to use a wide variety of reps in order to get a better physique.

The other issue you have is that you're doing cardio 3 times per week. At 6 feet, 150 lbs., you're in need of muscle. You don't need to do cardio, since the cardio is depleting your testosterone. If you want to lose fat, then use high rep strength training to lose fat. Higher reps (8-15+) coupled with low rest (30-90 seconds) will help you gain muscle and lose fat a…