Get Rid of the Shrugs

OK as I have mentioned before, I am an ectomorph. I wanted to run by my program with you:

Weighted dips 5x5
Seated rows-5x5
Leg press 5x5

Push aways(shoulders)-5x5
Overhead Cable curls 5x5
Rope extensions 5x5
Front barbell shrugs 5x5

Hack squats 5x5
Neck press 5x5
Cable lat pulldowns-5x5

Close grip press-5x5
Drag curl-5x5
Military press 5x5
DB shrugs 5x5

I rest 3 mins in between sets. What do you think?

-Brad S.

My Answer: Your exercises look fine, but your workouts will be way too long on days where you have 4 exercises and you rest 3 minutes. Your workouts will be an hour and half, which is a half hour way too long. What I would suggest is that you get rid of the shrugs. Your traps should grow from indirect stimulation from other upper body movements. Also, superset chest and back exercises and biceps and triceps exercises. Rest 90 seconds between those sets:

/ Weighted dips 5x5, 90 seconds rest
\ Seated rows-5x5, 90 seconds rest
Leg press 5x5, 3 minutes rest

Push aways(shoulders)-5x5, 90 seconds rest
/ Overhead Cable curls 5x5, 90 seconds rest
\ Rope extensions 5x5, 90 seconds rest

Hack squats 5x5, 3 minutes rest
/ Neck press 5x5, 90 seconds rest
\ Cable lat pulldowns-5x5, 90 seconds rest

/ Close grip press-5x5, 90 seconds rest
\ Drag curl-5x5, 90 seconds rest
Military press 5x5, 3 minutes rest
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