Postural Workouts

Thanks for your response, but I guess I didn’t ask the question right. I am doing the frequency decompression, and I am advised to stay away from legs for one more week and that would be a total of 8 weeks. I hurt myself when I wrapped my knees before squatting. I was doing 385 for my last 2 sets. And it didn’t even have any pain doing the sets. So, I think it was wrapping them did something. So, I hope to return to squats and front squats.

My question is since the frequency decompression routine has only 3 workouts and one is dedicated to legs is there anything I should substitute? Or just add extra rest days? And also in the 3rd workout on the delts you have heavy-light sets. What does that mean? I took it as do a super set of heavy low reps followed by light high reps. I could be totally wrong and thought I should ask.


My Answer: Yes, the heavy-light sets for the deltoids means low reps, heavy weight followed immediately by high reps, light weight.  The exercise example that I give in the book is 4-6 reps of the barbell clean and press followed immediately by 8-10 reps of dumbbell lateral raises.

Now with regards to laying off the legs on the frequency decompression phase, I would suggest you substitute the leg workout with a prehab/mobility/postural workout.  This workout should include exercises for the abs, rotator cuff and other postural muscles.  If you have SPV1 and Tactics & Strategies, then you will find chapters on postural realignment workouts.
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