How to build muscle and get ripped at the same time

Hello James,

I have your book High Tension Exercises for Muscular Growth and was wondering if the abdominals workout is appropriate for me even though I do not want to lose weight? I just want to get more lean and definitely not lose any weight. Should I still go with that workout or do you have some suggestions on alternating some workouts in?

As always thanks for all your help.

Daniel P.

My Answer: The ab specialization program in Volume 5 will build muscle and get you ripped at the same time.  If you're endomorphic (meaning you need to lose a few pounds), then the ab specialization program is an ideal workout to follow.

You, however, don't want to lose any weight, AND you're on bike patrol.  You're doing high volume endurance exercise every day.  So you should remove the high volume endurance component of your workouts and focus on maximal strength.  You want to avoid training redundancy to avoid overtraining.

I would suggest you follow a powerlifting type program: progressively heavy weight, multiple sets in the 3-8 rep range, high rest (over 2-3 minutes).  So you can perform all of the exercises in the ab specialization program, but rest 2 minutes between sets and don't go over 6-8 reps.
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