Building Up Massively Ripped Triceps

Q: Hey James, I've recently gotten back into weight lifting, and unfortunately I have a couple of bum shoulders which make it hard to do a good portion of triceps exercises. I know of the most common ones out there and for the most part used to have a good routine. 

I've noticed that your triceps have really great size and definition (insert gay joke here), and so I was wondering not really of the exercises out there that I could do, but maybe your routine specifically.

Thanks for your help, 


My Answer: I change my program every so often, but these factors always remain constant in my triceps training:

  1. I train heavy and rarely go over 6 reps. 
  2. I train my triceps with 2 different exercises: a press variation and an extension variation. 
  3. I go slow on the negative and explode through the positive portion. 
  4. I flex the triceps as hard as I can at the lockout position. 

This is the game plan that I follow, and I outline in great detail in the triceps chapter of High Tension Exercises for Muscular Growth.

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