Hypertrophy Training for the Ectomorph 2.0

Hi. I would like to know if there's a 12 month Hypertrophy training for the Ectomorph program from your site. I appreciate your help. Thank you.

- B. Munoz

My Answer: The original Hypertrophy Training for the Ectomorph (HTE) program was designed for maximizing muscle growth for the ectomorph, for the guy who has a difficult time gaining muscle. It was meant for the novice lifter who wanted a simple, easy to follow program.

I decided to give this program a revamp, since a lot people wanted to extend the program over a longer period of time. Although the original Hypertrophy Training for the Ectomorph workout takes care of intra-workout periodization (10-8-6-15), the program didn’t address periodization over a longer meso-cycle.

Hypretrophy Training for the Ectomorph 2.0 is a 12-week periodization program designed to help the ectomorph build muscle and strength over the long haul. If you experienced muscle growth from the original HTE program, then you will experience even more with HTE 2.0.

Those who purchase my E-books from Lulu.com will receive the HTE 2.0 program.
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