The Essence of the Complete Strength Athlete

Q: I recently discovered your Complete Strength Athlete routine on and have started it. I noticed it was posted 4 years ago, and had a couple questions. 

1. Is there anything you would do different now? 
2. Would you add cardio to the program? If so, how? 

If you have the time to answer either question, I would greatly appreciate it. 

Thanks a lot, 

My Answer: The original Complete Strength Athlete program is from Tactics and Strategies. The original version has a different set of exercises.  The editors of changed the program to have easier exercises, so this article version is different from the original in the book.

The essence of the Complete Strength Athlete program is this: power lifts for limit strength, the Olympic lifts for explosive power, calisthenics for strength endurance, and interval training for conditioning.

In other words, do sprint intervals for cardio.

Do powerlifting to work on your maximal strength: bench press, deadlift, squats.

Do Olympic style lifting for explosive strength: clean and jerk, power cleans, etc.

Do calisthenics for strength endurance: pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, one-legged squats, hanging leg raises.

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