Chest Specialization Program

Q: I have really been enjoying your books and making great progress in the gym.  Recently just finished the 14 week mesocycle in Neo-Classical Bodybuilding, and I'm very keen to start on the body specialization as I have some weaknesses.

Just slightly confused how to plug these workouts into the density phase.  Are these workouts purely for density phases only?  For instance Chest specialization workout #2: Is that just one training session or added onto the T-boost workout? I guess using the specializations means I'll be training one more day a week? 

Thank you very much just slightly confused.

Hear from you soon, love the videos too. 

E. Pascale

My Answer: Glad you like the books and videos. As far as the specialization workouts, they are to be used only as a density phase.  Chest specialization workout #2 is one training session.  Workout #3 is the T-boost workout in the chest specialization program.  The specialization programs that are outlined in the book are four workouts a week.

Hope that clarifies.


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