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Workout to get ready for Corrections Physical Agility Test

Q: My name is Trey, and I am writing you today to see if by any way you could possible whip me in to shape with a workout. I would say I have maybe 2-3 months to get in to shape for the job demands. I work out now, but I feel like it's not getting me any where. I bust my ass when I go to the gym, but I see nothing different, so maybe you could refer something? Please help!

Thank you.

My Answer: First off I have no idea what is your physical condition and physical conditioning.  Are you overweight, or are you looking to add more muscle?

The problem I see with a lot of guys trying to get in shape is that they are not honest about what their condition is and what they need to do to remedy the condition.  I know a deputy who doesn't do cardio and was doing 5x5 to get in shape.

I thought to myself, "Dude, you're diabetic and overweight.  You don't need to do 5x5.  You need to do higher reps and cardio."

If you're trying to prepare for the physical agility test,…

Tiger push up, diamond push up combo