Top 5 Free Weight Exercises for the Hamstrings

Q: What are other good exercises for the hamstring other than deadlift? I have a home gym but I don’t have a lying leg raise machine. Thanks.

My Answer: In the hamstring chapter of High Tension Exercises for Muscular Growth, I list out the best hamstring builders.  They are categorized as either leg curl variations or deadlift variations.  So if you don’t have access to leg curl machines, then concentrate on the deadlift variations.  You can build some rather thick bundles of steel just from the following exercises:

Barbell Romanian deadlift

Single leg dumbbell Romanian deadlift

Deficit Romanian deadlift

Good mornings

Floor glute ham raise

The floor glute ham raise is a body weight exercise that resembles the leg curl, but it is extremely tough to do.  It requires that you have a training partner to hold your legs down, or you can secure your ankles underneath a heavy piece of equipment.  You’ll slowly lower your torso under control.  When your body reaches the floor, push off in an explosive manner and do another rep.  You may only do 1-3 reps.

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