Analysis of MAX-OT

I've tried every program out there on myself and on my clients. People search for the perfect program, one that will continuously give them results in size and strength. There is a constant search for this holy grail of bodybuilding.

I've done 15 years of training, and I've realized this: all things work to some degree, but all good things must come to an end. You can choose a program, and it will give you results, but only for a short while. Every program has its pros and cons.

Max-OT is no different. The parameters are really simple:

6-9 sets per bodypart
4-6 reps
2-3 minutes rest between sets
no more than 30-40 minutes per workout
train each bodypart once 5-7 days

I like this program, because it is nice and simple, but it produces results. I find this program is great for clients who cannot figure out the concept of periodization. This program is also great for people who fast-twitch dominant.

The con, of course, is that if you're slow-twitch dominant, then this program can't help you sustain muscle hypertrophy. The other con, of course, is that because there is no periodization and the program parameters are static, your gains will eventually come to a screeching halt.

The low frequency of training for each bodypart is an issue too. Your muscle gains will come very slowly on the Max-OT program. If you want faster gains, then higher frequency of training is better.

Overall, Max-OT is a good program to use for a "decompression" phase. So if you were working out each bodypart 3 times per week, at high reps and low rest, then Max-OT would be a good program to switch to.

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