Board Games Your Kids Can Play to Help Them in Life

Here's another topic off the usual strength and dieting: the best board games to teach your kids to develop life coping skills. I love board games, and I'm particularly fond of social games like Taboo, Pictionary and Scruples. But some games really develop your mind and strategic thinking. If you want your child to grow up and mentally compete on a show like Survivor, then consider introducing him or her to these games:

1) Monopoly - Not only does the child learn to handle finances, but s/he can learn the fine art of negotiation. Nothing makes you more pragmatic and a realist than managing your money and real estate.

2) Risk - Everybody should think big and have big dreams. A game on world domination can bring out that inner megalomaniac. With Risk, you learn the Art of War and leverage your position. You don't have to be in the military or condone war to think stragically in the game of life. Personally, I like the sequel, Castle Risk, far better than the original. Unfortunately, I don't think Parker Brothers makes that sequel anymore.

3) Scrabble - A person who is clear and articulate in his words is clear and articulate in his thoughts. Scrabble won't make you a clear minded, but it's always to good to expand your vocabulary. The larger your vocabulary, the more clearly you can articulate. Articulate people with clarity of thought and direction tend to be more successful and fulfilled.

4) Chess - No need to explain the value of chess here. As they say, it's not just about playing any one piece, it's about playing the board. Although I played the previously mentioned games quite extensively in my youth, chess has been one game that I never was good at.

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