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Setting up a Home Gym

Many clients ask for my advice in setting up a home gym. Working out at a home gym has many advantages over a commercial gym:

1) You save time. For a commercial gym, you have to drive to there and from there. For a home gym, however, your commute time is ZERO.

2) You can workout whenever you please. Whereas most commercial gyms have business hours, your home gym is open to you 24/7. So you have no excuse to miss a workout.

3) You save money. Once you make the initial investment on the home gym equipment, that's it. No initiation fees. No membership fees. Many commercial gyms require initiation fees, which often cost as much or more than the cost to setup a home gym. By setting up a home gym, you save money in the short term and even more in the long term.

4) You get a better workout. How often have you worked out at a gym and waited for the equipment to be free? Do you think you're getting a good workout if you have to wait 5-10 minutes between every exercise? In your hom…

70 year old deadlifts 420

So the very first purchaser of my book is Bob Vastine.  Bob is (get this) a 70 YEAR OLD powerlifter whose max deadlift is 420. What's more is he's been training for the deadlift for only 5 months. Truly impressive at any age.

Take a look at his YouTube videos:

As you can see, Bob looks 20-30 years younger than he really is. Great job, Bob! I hope to be you someday. Bob had some nice words to say about me as well:

"I am enormously impressed with this guy: he is a very literate San Francisco cop who provides personal training/coaching. His blog is awesome. It’s got short, useful, serious articles on a lot of subjects. You’ll love it cause he researches bodybuilding programs/techniques devised by past masters (like Larry Scott). Take a look, I think he ought to be better known. His stuff is carried on Mind and Muscle website."