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The Mark of Distinction Workout

I hate it when assholes work out in the gym.

You know the ones I'm talking about: they put 800 pounds on the leg press, move it a few inches and grunt and scream like some gym demon. Then they walk around like some badass, and that you best stay out of their way.

Being a badass in the gym means just that: you're a badass only in the gym. Just because you can do pressdowns with the entire weight stack doesn't mean anything in the outside world.

A true badass in the gym does a hard exercise and does the hard work and hard time to improve on the lift. It's not about comparing your poundages with some other guy's poundages. Otherwise you might as well drop your pants and bring out the rulers.

The following is what I call "the Mark of Distinction" workout. If you can do the following, then you have the right to call yourself a badass in the gym. if you cannot, then shut your pie hole when you do your half presses on the bench press.

I've chosen these exer…

For God's Sake, Watch Your Form!

This is a little late, because I forget about the articles that I have circulating out there. Pick up the latest issue of "Fitness and Physique" magazine. I have an article in there titled "For Strength or Appearance."

Fitness and Physique

Anyway, I was training a first-time client recently, and I was reminded of something: WATCH YOUR FORM! There are subtle details in exercise form and technique that you have to follow to lift safely. A lot of times I come across clients who have been lifting for years in the bench press, squat and other basic movements. Problem is they've been lifting with poor form. Lift heavily with poor form, and you will either:

1)incur a sudden injury and/or
2)incur cumulative damage

Sometimes it's a good idea to have a professional look at what you're doing. You may not know that you're lifting with crappy form, but a professional can see the flaws and help you fix them. Not every trainer is a professional and knows what t…

Pushups for the Chest, Kettlebells for Biceps

So here's a recent question from a reader:

"Hi there mate, I am into strength, fitness and physique. My equipment is a pair of pushup handles. I use them for pushups in the hopes of deepening and defining my chest muscles. I seem to think they are better than the standard bench press with weights and bar. The handles are the York variety. Do you recommend them? Also are kettlebells the best equipment for increasing size of the biceps?

Many thanks for your time,"

Well Barry, pushup handles and kettlebells are great tools in helping you get a great body. Do I recommend them? I only recommend these tools as additions to a toolbox. You build a house with many tools, right? You can't build a house with just a hammer alone, but you do use the hammer more often than other tools.

Same thing with free weights. To build up the chest, you'll be hammering away with bench presses. Pushups are just the finishing touch. In Strength and Physique, V1 I go over a method…

A Matter of Focus and Priorities

It's really amazing how people are so susceptible to advertising and the idea of a quick fix. Folks will pay big money to get a piece of equipment or a workout system from an infomercial, but they don't want to put the effort to pack their lunch. Like all things, succeeding in bodybuilding is about taking care of the logistics. I had an earlier blog entry on dieting for dummies, and here's what a reader of my blog, Brian, said in response:

"Well stated bro ... if you keep it simple and KEEP AT IT, it is amazing what one can accomplish just rearranging how, when and what one eats. Loads of my business clients and friends are blown away at 'what I have done.'

"They ask how I did it, but in all reality, they know: it is just a matter of focus and doing the right thing repeatedly over a period of months and years. Enjoy your blog. Keep at it!"

And Brian isn't just blowing smoke up your ass. He really did the above and acquired an amazing physique. …