For God's Sake, Watch Your Form!

This is a little late, because I forget about the articles that I have circulating out there. Pick up the latest issue of "Fitness and Physique" magazine. I have an article in there titled "For Strength or Appearance."

Fitness and Physique

Anyway, I was training a first-time client recently, and I was reminded of something: WATCH YOUR FORM! There are subtle details in exercise form and technique that you have to follow to lift safely. A lot of times I come across clients who have been lifting for years in the bench press, squat and other basic movements. Problem is they've been lifting with poor form. Lift heavily with poor form, and you will either:

1)incur a sudden injury and/or
2)incur cumulative damage

Sometimes it's a good idea to have a professional look at what you're doing. You may not know that you're lifting with crappy form, but a professional can see the flaws and help you fix them. Not every trainer is a professional and knows what they're talking about, so do choose carefully. Here's a hint: if he tells you not to squat past parallel, then he is a moron.
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