The Mark of Distinction Workout

I hate it when assholes work out in the gym.

You know the ones I'm talking about: they put 800 pounds on the leg press, move it a few inches and grunt and scream like some gym demon. Then they walk around like some badass, and that you best stay out of their way.

Being a badass in the gym means just that: you're a badass only in the gym. Just because you can do pressdowns with the entire weight stack doesn't mean anything in the outside world.

A true badass in the gym does a hard exercise and does the hard work and hard time to improve on the lift. It's not about comparing your poundages with some other guy's poundages. Otherwise you might as well drop your pants and bring out the rulers.

The following is what I call "the Mark of Distinction" workout. If you can do the following, then you have the right to call yourself a badass in the gym. if you cannot, then shut your pie hole when you do your half presses on the bench press.

I've chosen these exercises, because they are body weight movements that require minimal coordination. It's not about balancing acts, it's about what you do when your body is pushed to the upper limits. I also chose these exercises, because if you are able to do them, then it shows you put in some hard work and hard time in the gym to do them right and do it right repeatedly.

The Mark of Distinction Workout:

20 rep breathing squats- Take your 10 rep maximum weight for the squat and do 20 full range, ass to grass squats. This is a true test of your discipline, drive and focus. What do you do when you're at the 15th rep and you feel your thighs burning, the bar digging into your back and your lungs desperately sucking up air? Do you give up or do you push forward?

15 pullups in strict form- If you can do 15 FULL RANGE pullups, then 1) you're on your way to being a badass and 2) you should start doing harder versions of the pullup. Full range and strict means no kipping, no half reps, dead hang pause at the bottom of each rep, bar at chest level on the top of each rep.

5 reps of full range dips with 100 pounds strapped on- If you can do 25 FULL RANGE dips with your bodyweight, then quit pussyfooting and add some weight. If you can do 5 reps with a 100 pound dumbbell, then congratulations. You've earned your "badass in the gym" medal.

Just don't howl like a madman.
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