A Matter of Focus and Priorities

It's really amazing how people are so susceptible to advertising and the idea of a quick fix. Folks will pay big money to get a piece of equipment or a workout system from an infomercial, but they don't want to put the effort to pack their lunch. Like all things, succeeding in bodybuilding is about taking care of the logistics. I had an earlier blog entry on dieting for dummies, and here's what a reader of my blog, Brian, said in response:

"Well stated bro ... if you keep it simple and KEEP AT IT, it is amazing what one can accomplish just rearranging how, when and what one eats. Loads of my business clients and friends are blown away at 'what I have done.'

"They ask how I did it, but in all reality, they know: it is just a matter of focus and doing the right thing repeatedly over a period of months and years. Enjoy your blog. Keep at it!"

And Brian isn't just blowing smoke up your ass. He really did the above and acquired an amazing physique. Check out his bodyblog:

Pulgas Strongman

The before and after pics are truly inspirational. Bottom line is deep down inside, you KNOW what to do to obtain the body you want. It's just a question of "Are you going to do it or what?"

People have actually told me they don't know whether or not to buy my book, and yet these same people have spent hundreds of dollars on flashy infomercial workout systems and home gym equipment that involves bending iron rods (you know what I'm talking about). My book is only $18.95, and it is worth 10 times more than any of infomercial garbage.

But information is only worth something if you apply it. I've talked about exercise personalities before, and the one that bugs the crap out of me the most is the "intellectual masturbator." He talks about working out, he seems fairly knowledgeable of what needs to be done, but he doesn't do it. The intel masturbator is a talker, not a doer, and you find them in every field, not just bodybuilding.

Success is a matter of focus and priorities. Know what your priorities are: solid consistent training and solid consistent dieting. Focus on these priorities, and you will achieve your physique potential.
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