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Maintaining your Strength through the Academy

Q: "I recently ran into your blog and profile. I am preparing to enter the academy for the LASD. I changed my training from a traditional body building approach to a much more high intensity cardio style routine to build my stamina. 

"Now my problem is that I am losing muscle mass. I am 5'10 163. When I started training for this last July I was 174. My strength has gone down also because I cut back the weight training and heavy lifts for more reps. I am being told that I will not see the academy until june. I want to be able to hang with the cardio but also build my strength. Any advice would be most helpful.

"Thank you for your time sir."

My Answer: Sir? Save the formalities for the academy staff, son. As far as strength and muscle mass, you will lose it during the academy. This is inevitable unless you're an endomorph, a.k.a. fat boy. I lost quite a bit of weight during my 7 month academy and during my 3 month field training after that. So why accelera…

Way Off-Topic: Jumping Through Alternate Universes

So I was jumping through alternate universes the other day. My laptop allows me to visit alternate timelines, and every once in a while I get the urge to see how other versions of myself are doing. Some are older, some are younger. Some are rich and famous. Some are still trying to make their mark in the world.

One James Chan is a famous business author. One is a photographer with a successful business taking wedding photos. Another a dentist. A laywer. A real estate agent. A government acountant.

I realize while romping through the multi-verse that there are a lot of James Chans with successful but boring ass careers. Much more successful than me, but boring as hell. I don't know if our bland 2 syllable name dictates that we lead stable, but unremarkable lives. I suppose everybody feels they're a snowflake, but as far as James Chans go, I'm pretty damn unique.

But I did run into a few James Chan's who were actors, though. A Hong Kong actor. Another whose on…