Question: 5 Battle-Tested Strategies for Size and Strength

"I know this article was posted a few months ago, but I have a question regarding the 'Controlled Overtraining' strategy you presented in the 5 battle-tested strategies article. I was wondering what type of split I should use during the decompression phase (5X5, 5 body parts)? Upper/lower body split (2 times a week each) or full body (3 times a week)? And should I use only compound movements or also some isolation work?"

"Sorry to bother you with those questions, especially 6 months after the article was written, but I'd really like to give this approach a shot. Thanks for your help! And your blog is really great!"

Mathieu, a trainee from France

My Answer: Good to hear from you, Mathieu. To answer your question, go with the upper/lower body split (2 times a week). Just compound movements. No isolation movements. The whole point of decompression is to pull back from your training, so adding extra isolation movements would defeat the purpose.
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