Hammer curls: Incline or Standing?

Some more reader comments and questions:

"I've been trying your Shotgun/Troubleshooting routine for a month now with a carb-cycling approach: I gained more than 8 pounds with an increase of only 1% of my bodyfat. Thanks for the awesome program!"

- Mathieu

My Answer: Glad you're getting results off it, Mathieu. The Shotgun Method is a solid mass gainer routine that allows you to address any weak points in your physique as well. Those of you curious about it should buy Strength and Physique, V1 and check it out.

"Hi James,
"Loved the article Arm Training Assault! I've just started in on it. One question: in the main text it reads,

'Friday: A1) Hammer curls (10 sets) 4 reps, 60 seconds rest'

and the hyperlink displays a popup of Standing Hammer Curls. But on the printable log for Friday it reads, 'Incline hammer curls.' I went with the Standing Hammer Curls (mainly because someone was on the incline bench). Out of interest, which should it be: standing or incline? Once again, thanks for a very informative article."

- Les

My Answer: You can choose either the standing or incline hammer curl. When it comes down to it, the specific exercise is not as important as the program design. In other words, plug in an exercise that hits the brachialis and perform the required number of sets and reps for that day. The Direct Assault gives you an introduction to arm training, but the Strength and Physique book provides additional chapters specific to both biceps and triceps training. These chapters teach you how to recognize and choose exercises that target the brachialis and triceps long head.

But if you had to choose between standing or incline, then choose the incline. The biceps chapter in Strength and Physique, V1 tells you why an incline is superior for growth.
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