Shock Techniques for the Chest

"I read your article Wingspan Workouts at, and I’m going to do them tomorrow for the first time. I’m curious what the effect will be on my back. But more curious I am if you have such 'Shock Techniques' for the chest, because this is the place where I need mass the most! I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks."

Kindest regards,
Aschwin van Diermen
The Netherlands (Europe)

My Answer: Aschwin, do Europeans usually put "Europe" after their country of residence? I only ask that, because it's the second time I've seen this. Anyway, to answer your question of what effect the workouts will have on your back:


These workouts will widen your lats and give you the V-taper. These workouts are tough, but if you stick with them, then you will develop some major width in your physique. These workouts are not meant for back thickness, however. One word of advice: each is a separate workout. Do not do all four workouts in one workout. Spread them out during a course of 2 weeks.

Now as far as shock techniques for the chest, those techniques are outlined in Chapter 7 of Strength and Physique, V1.

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