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Q: "I am a State Trooper here in Ohio. Our academy was exactly like the one you described. I made it through our academy, but almost immediately, I lost interest in running long distances, or even any distances at all. I never saw the point in running 5+ miles a day or doing 143 pushups and situps every morning (as that was my class number). I haven't been working out for 2 to 3 years. I was wondering if I should just jump into your program or if you would prefer me to try something else first?"


My Answer: Dear God, Scott! Don't jump right into the program if you haven't been working out for 2-3 years. The program outlined in Return to Copland is BRUTAL. You should start off with a low number of sets per body part (2) and build up your volume from there. Once you get back into the swing of things and can handle high volume, high frequency workouts, then try the Professional Warrior program.

Q: "Strength and Physique: The Articles is absolutely incredible! I'm so thankful I bought it. I have a question about page 67 on your book, 'For Those Who Want Muscle.' Would it be OK to take a protein supplement (even though it's mostly artificial) along with the Paleo Diet? And why are bananas excluded from the fruit section on the daily diet plan?"

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My Answer: Thanks for purchasing the book, JG! I'm glad you like it. As far as protein intake, it's OK to take a protein supplement, but when it comes to weight gain, it is ALWAYS preferable to eat your protein rather than drink it. I find people gain more muscle on high protein foods than high protein drinks, even when they drank more grams of protein than grams from eating real food. Chewing your food stimulates the digestive process and preps your body to absorb it. Drinking liquefied food doesn't stimulate the digestive process at all, which is why people lose weight on liquid diets.

Protein supplements are really meant for convenience, but if you must use it, then ask yourself this: are you lactose intolerant? If so, then you should avoid most protein powders. Drinking a protein supplement would do more harm to you than good. If not, then choose a protein according to your needs. If you need a post-workout drink, then choose a protein powder designed for quick absorption. Preferably something with a lot of simple fast-acting carbs and whey hydrolysate. If you're a skinny bastard who has a high-speed metabolism and no appetite, then consider a protein powder with micellar casein.

Now as far as bananas, I don't recommend bananas, because it's fairly high on the glycemic index. If you want to gain muscle, but stay leaner, then bananas will interfere with that goal. This is why I only recommend it for poor skinny bastards: Poor Man's Bulking Diet.
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