Tactical Strength and Conditioning

"Hello, I just recently became a CSCS through the NSCA after getting my bachelor's degree in exercise science: strength and conditioning at UCONN. I read your latest article on training law enforcement officers, and your knowledge base and certification caught my eye. I was wondering how exactly you got into the field of tactical strength and conditioning (TSAC), and if you have any pointers for someone such as myself aspiring to work in a similar field. Any information or advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated!"

-- C.L. Brown, BS, CSCS University of Connecticut

My Answer: Well my story is best explained by this
blog post.

First and foremost, I'm a peace officer. I'm a physical trainer, second. Which means I do the physical training, the articles and the book as a hobby and not as a full-time endeavor. I train my department in defensive tactics (which is police martial arts), but that's not TSAC. Whereas fire departments typically have trainers or exercise physiologists to point firefighters in the right direction as far as physical training, real TSAC is hardly addressed in most police departments across the nation. There is no formalized training for TSAC.

I've known a couple of personal trainers who became law enforcement officers. One still does his training, and the other let his CSCS expire. I would say that if you want to specialize in TSAC, then you would have to:

1) Become a peace officer. Know the physical, emotional and mental demands and rewards of the job on a personal level.


2) Take the easier way and partner up with a peace officer so that you get an understanding of what physical demands are involved.

I've seen former law enforcement and ex-military become physical trainers and specialize in TSAC, or start their businesses of defensive tactics training or martial arts training. You cannot build a business solely on that niche, however. Just look at Pavel. He trains, writes and does videos for multiple niche markets.

Bottom line: if you want to train law enforcement in TSAC, then you should get to know lots of law enforcement officers. You'll be training them on an individual basis, but you will not be able to train entire departments unless you're a peace officer training recruits in the academy.
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