Can You Write Me A Program?

"I'm currently on my second year in PA for criminal justice. I want to be a cop. I was on and recently tried two of your workouts for back and arms, and I really liked them. I was wondering if by any chance you would give me a workout schedule for my full body. I know you more than likely get paid to give out such advice, but I figured I'd ask anyways."

Thanks for your time,

My Answer: Glad you like the workouts, Brandon. And you're correct, I do get paid for such advice. If you've checked out my articles at, then you should have already seen my Training for the Professional Warrior article. Since you're looking to be a cop and looking for a freebie, give that a shot.

Boy, I've been getting a lot of these emails lately. "Can you write me a program?" Let's establish this for all readers out there: do not ask for a free individualized program unless you plan to pay for it. This is not just me, but for ALL TRAINERS. You're essentially asking them to work for free, when there is no guarantee that you are going to stick with the program. Asking questions on topics that you have done your homework on is one thing, but asking a trainer to sit down, design and write out a program based on vague and general goals (i.e. "How do I lose weight?") is not cool.

A lot of trainers have plenty of articles and books out there, chock full of information. Use the information in the articles. If you like your results, then buy their books. Show some support. By the way, did I mention that I have a book?

On a related note, I've also had countless people approach me say they want to train with me and that they want to lose weight, get buff, whatever. They say they have the discipline and drive and that they won't waste your time. But after one to three workouts and when they cheat on their diet, it becomes very apparent that they had no clue how difficult it would be. I'm a very observant person, and I never listen to what somebody says they are, or what they were, or what they do or what they will do. You either do or you don't, and that speaks volumes to me. I hate it when people are not honest with themselves, and this isn't just training, but people in general.

But rather than vent, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank and acknowledge people who have lent their support to this blog or bought my book or stuck with me from the beginning (and now have a hot bod to show for it). These guys not just bought my book, but took the time to promote me as well. Half of these people I know personally, and the other half I've never met. That tells you about the kindness of people all over the world.

Sandra Ponce de Leon
Dennis Toomer
Guzman Chan
Mathieu Zagrodzki
Bob Vastine
Kevin Lee
Jason Griffiths
Brandan Tang

Thanks, guys!

And of course, my wife. If I didn't meet her, then everything in my life wouldn't have happened and I'd probably be a drunk lying in the gutter right now.
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