Questions on Strength Training for Fat Loss and the Professional Warrior

Q: "I checked your Build a Bigger Engine article, which is kind of perfect timing, since I'm in cutting phase right now. I have to say I've always been very happy with weightlifting sessions based on short rest periods and lactic acid when it comes to fat loss. I was just wondering if it wasn't necessary to keep a couple heavy session a week (4-6 reps) to maintain strength and muscle mass? Some coaches, such as Christian Thibaudeau for instance, recommend that. What if I did two sessions with heavy loads (with some light cardio in the end) and two sessions of your routine each week?"


My Answer: You can certainly do that, Mathieu, but let me make an observation: judging from your pics, you're pretty lean and wiry already. I would actually recommend that you don't follow the Bigger Engine program and just do heavy load workouts to thicken up and get more muscular density. You can still do the cardio after. The whole thing about bodybuilding is knowing when to pull back on your strong points and when to bring up lagging points concerning your physique. It all depends on your physique goal of course.

Q: "Mr. Chan, I just started the Law Enforcement workout from I am a 40 year old State Trooper. I noticed that the workout states week 1 & 2 are for density. Weeks 4 & 5 are for decompression. What do I do for week 3? Also I don't have any kettlebells at the gym I go to. What exercise could replace the kettlebell swing with? I appreciate any help you can give a fellow brother."

-Trooper #68

My Answer: Whoops. That's a typo, Week 3 and 4 constitute the decompression phase. There is no Week 5. This is what happens when you write an article after graveyard shift. Anyway, if you don't have a kettlebell, then you can skip the kettlebell swing. Just do Gironda swings with a pair of dumbbells.


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