New Article: Pivot Point Training

So check out the November/December issue of Planet Muscle. I have an article titled "Pivot Point Training," a follow-up to my T-nation article The Shotgun Method. Pick up a copy the next time you're at the supermarket or bookstore.

Anyway, I get questions all the time about training, but here's one that even surprised me:

"I have just recently completed certification for training, and I have a training interview for a local gym, and they want to design a 30 minute workout. The person comes from an athletic background, general fitness and wants to lose about 10 lbs. No injuries to worry about. I was wondering if you could help me with an exercise plan that would help me do well for this test?"


My Answer: Jake are you paying me to write up this program? You just got certified as a trainer, but you want me to write a training program? I don't know what certification you've got or what your training background is, but you should already know how to write up a training program. The interview is meant to showcase your skills as a trainer, not mine. Look through your study materials and write something up. It doesn't have to be the ultimate workout, you just have to pass.

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