Rotating the Wingspan Workouts

"In your Wingspan Workouts article, you don’t specify if all of these 4 shock workouts should be performed in one day or if they should be rotated on a weekly basis? I work each body part once a week and cardio 6 days a week. Example:

Monday – Chest,
Tuesday – Bi’s and Tri’s,
Wed – BACK ,
Thursday – Quads,
Friday – Shoulders,
Saturday – Hams.

"I would appreciate any help you could throw my way about this. By the way I am a 53 year old male."

Cliff Travis
Gastonia, North Carolina

My Answer: The Wingspan Workouts are 4 separate WORKOUTS. Hence you don't do them all in one day. You can choose one workout and stick with that for a few weeks, or you can alternate between 2 workouts, or you can rotate among 3-4 shock workouts. The shock techniques are tools in your bodybuilding arsenal to use as you see fit.

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