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We're Designed to Be Active

"Mr. Chan, I have to send this to you through email, because I don't know how to post on your blog. Your advice for developing grip power for pull-up and dead hang purposes was great. As a fitness junkie, I believe that we all are meant to be strong, [but] our society is messed up in a way that we don't let ourselves be. I have done over five years of personal experimenting and research on how to go toward the potential of the human threshold for stamina, muscular endurance, and functional strength, and I have never found a way to build forearm stamina [other] than the advice you gave me. My dead hang time is up to 7 minutes and increasing. I'm shooting for 15. Ha-ha, wish me luck, and thanks for the great advice."

J. Winkler

My Answer: Hey J.W. Good to hear you're making such great progress. I have to agree with you: our society is messed up and frowns upon men and women who want to be stronger, unless they are professional athletes. Even then, only certain…

New Article: A Program for All Seasons

So my latest article is at, and it's titled Free Training Program to Get Big, Buffed and Ripped All Year Long! The editors of chose this ridiculous title. The original title was "A Program for All Seasons." Much better than "FREE PROGRAM!" Seriously, you're getting free programs all the time, so what makes this different?

By the way, there are a lot of cheap-ass free loaders who keep pestering me for advice, but don't buy my books. You know who you are. If you can't commit to $20 or $40 to buy a book or two, then what makes you think you can commit to a regimented training program or a diet? You guys piss me off.

Anyway, on that note, let's answer some reader questions:

Q:Hello. About the Post Exhaust Routine: Is it twice a week? Workout 1 on Monday and Workout 2 on Friday?

My Answer: Hit each workout twice a week. So Workout 1 can be done Monday and Thursday, while Workout 2 can be done Tuesday and Frid…

Volume 3?

Q:I hope my fancy subject line stopped you from labeling this mail as spam. First off, through the decompression phase, I've added 20 pounds to my bench! I really wish I knew about you years ago. 

My question for you is really simple. The adjustable bench at my gym can only go between 15 degrees and 30 degrees. For the 20 degree dumbbell exercise you recommend, should I adjust the bench at 15 or 30 degrees for maximum effect on my pectoral physique? 

By the way, when Volume 3 comes out, you can guarantee that I'll be the first one to purchase it.


My Answer: Good to hear you've made progress on the bench, Larry! As far as angle, if you had to choose between 15 and 30 degrees, then choose the 30 degree incline. It's still at a shallow angle to hit the sterno-clavical area and develop the upper pec fibers. As long as it is not 45 degrees and above, then you're good.

Volume 3? Gosh, I'm pretty swamped at the moment with work, training, running 2 blogs a…

Cholesterol and Heart Health

Q:There varying opinions on the role of cholesterol and heart health. What is your take? You recommend fish oil for heart health; what about krill oil


My Answer: Krill oil is fine. With regards to cholesterol, you should read the "The Cholesterol Controversy." Here are some interesting points from the article:

• Did you know that the majority of the dry weight of the brain is comprised of cholesterol?
• Did you have any idea that the sheath nerve endings from the top of your head to the bottom of your spine are wrapped in cholesterol?
• Did you know that cholesterol serves as a conductor for the transmission of all nerve ending throughout the body?
• Did you know that if you received even the slightest 1/4 inch cut, you would bleed to death if not for cholesterol?

"Another part of the problem today is that medical doctors are not reading their own medical journals. Go to the public library and look up the medical book 'Tabers 16th edition' page 1909…