We're Designed to Be Active

"Mr. Chan, I have to send this to you through email, because I don't know how to post on your blog. Your advice for developing grip power for pull-up and dead hang purposes was great. As a fitness junkie, I believe that we all are meant to be strong, [but] our society is messed up in a way that we don't let ourselves be. I have done over five years of personal experimenting and research on how to go toward the potential of the human threshold for stamina, muscular endurance, and functional strength, and I have never found a way to build forearm stamina [other] than the advice you gave me. My dead hang time is up to 7 minutes and increasing. I'm shooting for 15. Ha-ha, wish me luck, and thanks for the great advice."

J. Winkler

My Answer: Hey J.W. Good to hear you're making such great progress. I have to agree with you: our society is messed up and frowns upon men and women who want to be stronger, unless they are professional athletes. Even then, only certain sports are given respect.

Humans are just like any other animal: designed to be physically active, highly intelligent and highly adaptable. It's only in recent human history that being fat and inactive is the norm. I'm amazed at how much people crap on those of us who enjoy pushing ourselves physically. Perhaps they see the pursuit of physical and athletic perfection as vain. But even if it is vanity, vanity in moderation serves a legitimate purpose: to make sure you keep up with consistent and smart training that prolongs your life and furthers your good health.

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