An Advanced Routine

Q: "Hi, I just wanted to ask: what is the most effective workout? Or can you give me an advanced routine, because I'm already used to my workout program. So I just want to mix things up. I already have 2 years of training experience."

Thanks, more power to you
- Ralph T.

My Answer: I have no idea what your training background is. You could have been doing 2 years of pushups and sit-ups and calling yourself advanced. Who knows, because you didn't say what's your workout program.

A lot of people say they are advanced lifters, but have no idea what that means. Ask yourself this:

1) Can you do a pull-up?
2) Can you do dips?
3) Do you squat?
4) Do you deadlift?

If you answer "No" to any of those questions, then forget being advanced. You do not even have the basic strength foundation for bodybuilding and strength sports.

Now what is the most effective workout? Depends on what your goal is, but I'm assuming you're talking about bodybuilding workouts. The best workout is the one you are not on. The best training program is one where you cycle through a series of workouts, all designed to hypertrophy your muscles through different means. This is what I go into great detail in Strength and Physique: Neo-Classical Bodybuilding. This is a truly advanced routine.
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