Post-Workout Protein Drink

"Hi James,

"Hope you're doing well. Your second book is great. Your programs and diets helped me gain some pretty incredible results. A lot of skinny bastard people I used to go to school with see me, and they hardly recognize me. They ask me, 'How the hell did you get like that?"

"I tell them that it's all in [your] Strength and Physique books. The other day, one of those guys came up to me with your book telling me how awesome it was. I just thought I'd let you know.

"I'm sure you've been asked this question thousands of times, but I hope it's not too late to ask you. I'm looking for a convenient way of getting some protein in my body right after my workout. I've been drinking 400 ml. vanilla and chocolate shakes that I would buy from my local super market to get protein in my system after workouts.

"The only problem is that there are 500 calories per shake and it has 18 g. of protein. It is very expensive, and I'm looking for a change. I'm quite aware of all of the supplements for protein on the market, but the only thing stopping me is that some people on the Internet say protein supplements cause tumors and kidney problems. Are there any protein blends that you recommend?"


My Answer: Hey Jason, good to hear from you again. Protein shakes from the supermarket tend to be more expensive, since they're ready to go, no mixing required. These type of ready-made protein drinks are not the best type of post-workout drink, however. Whey protein is OK to ingest after a workout, but there are various types of whey proteins, each with a different rate of absorption. There's whey concentrate, which is the most common. Then there's whey isolate, which has a little bit more protein. Whey hydrolysate is the quickest to be absorbed, and this is the best protein to ingest immediately after a workout.

I'm sure you've noticed that I'm very fond of Biotest supplements. Biotest makes a very good post-workout drink called Surge. I don't know how much you spend on your current protein drinks, but at $33-36 for 16 servings, it's not too bad for such a high quality supplement.

Now as far as protein supplements giving you tumors and kidney problems, don't believe it. That's just misinformation.
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